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DongYang Industrial & Trading CO.,LTD is situated in ChaoAn County,Guangdong Province,China. on our north ,we have the famous historical culture city:ChaoZhou;and on our south, we have the renowned haven city:ShanTou. we are in a thriftily area and the terraqueous traffic is very convenient. our company was engaged with speciality photogravure,paper-mold,printing , bottle blowing,Injection molding many years and is old-line too.

Our company already passed the "SELF-EXAMINATION UNIT'S REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE" and QS quality validate. Since DongYang Industrial & Trading CO.,LTD started , we were using a guileless and steadfast attitude to following the market and to grandness in the market compete. We have product line about design , planning , printing(intaglio printing,offset printing) and finished etc.We are head contract printing with every casing of eatable , casing of daily things , casing of pharmacy , casing of every present box and casing of Paper&Plastic  , vacuum-packed bag , blow case etc.Our products were believed with many user and manufacturer and then our operation is flourishing too.

Since DongYang Industrial & Trading CO.,LTD started,We insists on the enterprise spirit of "Unison and sincerity bring growth and success",Create a good environment to create,Cultivate a group of Professional & technical personnel and Managerial talent. DongYang only has the origin,without termination! We will continue try hard to promote the technological innovation further,Improves the quality of enterprise main and strengthens the market competitiveness unceasingly. Sincerely,We anticipated that cooperates with the domestic and foreign merchants,building glory together!

Enterprise Faith:
Unison and sincerity bring growth and success
Enterprise spirit:
Self-determination, love your work, be enterprising, cooperating and dedicating
Enterprise Style:
Honest, Responsible, Fast and Effective  
Strategy Target:
Deny the best but non-stop pursuing the better  
Management Policy:
Enterprise expansion, diversification, and grouping
Management Tactic:
Marketing Concept:
Adapt to the flickering market, secure to meet the demands of consumers
Creative Acknowledge:
There's no market without creativity
Quality Ideology:
If you know how to get quality, you know how to employ personnel
Employment Principle:
Ability and virtuous are the basis of the employment
Love your work, emphasize technology, obey the law, respect cooperation   
Maxim of Administration:
Emphasize personnel quality, and rule the company by law